2012 Montessori in Asia Conference--Our Focus

Organizer: Ms.Charmaine Soh

President, the Association of Chinese Montessori International

Despite a general perception that teacher’s education has a fundamental role in supporting and  encouraging reform within the education profession, there appears to be a lack of discussion regarding different ideas and practices developing within the Professional Development of Teachers Education. Adult Education is difference from Early Childhood Education. There is a need for an exchange of research outcomes on how adult learn best and how to coach adult learners to become an initiative, innovative and intelligent “teacher.” A sharing of experience gained through a variety of different pedagogical approaches are needed.

This conference aims to share and exchange our experience in terms of the professional development program, curriculum plan and teaching methodology. We invite educational researchers and practitioners to submit their paper for presentations at the conference, within the range of the following issues:

Professional Development in the Infant & Toddler Community
The growing awareness of Infant and Toddler care and development calls for immediate evaluation on how best to prepare the caregivers and adults who work with them. Brain research and current practices have inspired a discussion on training hours, training methodology and concepts and practices to support and understand infants and toddlers.

Research in Teacher’s Training
Research in teacher education evokes a variety of questions and answers, ranging from an emphasis on quantitative research over the qualitative paradigm to special approaches.  In any case, research must not only play a role in providing and adding to professional knowledge but should support teachers who engage in their own action research. Contributions to this topical field shall address the role of research, in any possible dimension, within the concept of teacher education.

Preparation of Early Childhood Teachers in the Digital World
Today’s children are digital natives. The recent educational debate offers concise view of this fast changing pace of educational information and materials to young children. The interplay between cognitive, social and emotional aspects of the learning will be different. Eventually, this may result not only in integrated concept of learning but also in the concept of teaching which addresses the whole person. Contributions to this topical field may include elaborations on learning theory as well as on didactics in teacher’s trainings and education in general.

In short, this is a conference to connect people who respect children and work with children. In order to bridge the gap between learning and teaching, we must focus on the professional development of Early Childhood Educator.


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